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  • Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system

  What is a quality management system? Quality management system is a system based approach of the organization to manage its processes to w...


What is a quality management system?

Quality management system is a system based approach of the organization to manage its processes to well define and meet the requirements of its customers, Risk and stakeholders touched by its work.

ISO 9001 is centered on the concept of internal drive towards continual improvement. Its focus is to meet the objectives of “quality” & “meeting customer needs” from the organizations perspective by defining it has a process approach.



Certification Process:

  • Preliminary audit (optional):

QFC's  experienced and highly-skilled auditors would listen to you and perform an initial assessment of the energy management system that is implemented. The audit focuses mainly on the areas of the system that needs further improvements in line with the ISO requirements, in order to achieve the goal of implementing the system. Once identifying and eradicating potential vulnerabilities in the management system, the actual audit in relation to the certification begins.

  • Certification audit:

This phase is comprised of a stage 1 and stage 2 audit consists of detailed review where, QFC's  auditors with expertise and vast knowledge on the industry sectors, assess your documentation and practical application of your energy management system to fulfill the certification requirements. We strive to reveal observations that can add value through reduced costs, increased efficiency, and decreased time to market.

  • Issue Certificate:

Once our highly competent & qualified auditors who are experts in the sector, identifies that your QMS satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001, we QFC a leading accredited certification body with expertise in environmental preservation and social accountability will Issue the ISO 9001 certificate.

  • Surveillance audits:

Annual surveillance of the ongoing optimization of your processes and energy management system would be carried out to ensure adherence of the system with that of the ISO standards.

  • Re-certification:

Upon reaching 3 years from the date of issuance of certificate, the maximum validity of the certificate, we will provide full support to your organization towards the re-certification for the net term.



How to transfer your current Certificate to QFC?

You can transfer the certificate at any stage to us during surveillance / re certification.

To transfer any certificate IAF has laid down New rules –

So what I need to DO.

  • Scan a clear copy of the certificate
  • Write to us on info@quality-flow.com or qualityflow2016@gmail.com and Attach the scanned copy to the mail and send or contact us
  • We will review the details and advise on the further steps within two days.